What it is

Open San Diego Flashlight is basically a big collection of bookmarks for San Diego’s enterprising community of journalists, researchers, citizen watchdogs, muckrakers and data nerds. This site contains hundreds of links to free databases, maps, records, archives and searches—each tagged and categorized for quick, convenient access.

We manage the links using Delicious, a social bookmarking service, and this site is built on the open-source blogging platform WordPress. The Delicious Bookmarks add-on for Firefox also plays a big role behind the scenes.

We can’t guarantee the accuracy of the data in any of the bookmarks. We do encourage you to message us whenever you notice a problem, especially dead links.¬†Please also send us your suggestions for new categories, better organization, tips to add to the bookmark descriptions and, of course, any new links you find along the way.

For more on the images that serve as front-page icons, see our “Behind the icons” page.

Project Lead:
Dave Maass, San Diego CityBeat

Seth Hall
Jed Sundwall